10 Athletes Who Couldn’t Keep it In Their Pants (2024)

10 Athletes Who Couldn’t Keep it In Their Pants (1)

Being a professional athlete is awesome: Money, fame, and, if you’re a male, basically any woman in the world you could dream of.

But sometimes, maybe having too many women to choose from can become a problem. We’ve seen many athletes suffer consequences from having too much romps with too many women throughout their careers.

Here are 10 athletes who couldn’t keep it inside their pants.

What made these ten athletes controversial when it comes to their affairs?

10. Wilt Chamberlain

10 Athletes Who Couldn’t Keep it In Their Pants (2)

The only player ever to score 100 points in a game, Chamberlain is forever an NBA icon and legend.

However, it’s probably safe to say he didn’t have high standards when it came to choosing gals. Chamberlain claimed he had slept with over 20,000 women throughout his life. Though we’ll never have accurate numbers, it’s safe to say Chamberlain couldn’t stay away from hooking up with ladies.


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9. Alex Rodriguez

10 Athletes Who Couldn’t Keep it In Their Pants (6)

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One of the most hated athletes in all of sports, due to him being a thing that rhymes with louchemag and using roids, A-Rod was not faithful to his wife and based on the high-profile women he dated, probably couldn’t stay away from the bed.

Rodriguez dated the likes of Torrie Wilson, Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz, Madonna and exotic Vegas dancers. Again, considering how unfaithful he was to his life, apparently, the hotness of other women mattered more to him than being a good guy off the field.

Just another reason everyone hates A-Rod.

8. Wayne Rooney

10 Athletes Who Couldn’t Keep it In Their Pants (7)

Rooney married Coleen, his high-school sweetheart, in 2008. But it’s safe to say he hasn’t been able to keep it inside his pants.

Rooney has admitted to having an addiction to women of the night throughout his career. Though he claimed he was young and stupid when he did it, news reports have come out that he still slept with them while Coleen was pregnant, so maybe he’s old and stupid now.

Either way, Rooney is married and fathers multiple children, so we can only hope one of the most beloved soccer players in the world isn’t as unfaithful as the media has us thinking.

7. John Terry

10 Athletes Who Couldn’t Keep it In Their Pants (8)

One of the faces of English soccer, Terry’s reputation took a huge hit when it turned out he was incredibly unfaithful to his wife and a teammate.

Jerry had an affair with Vanessa Perroncel, who was married to his former Chelsea and English teammate, Wayne Bridge. Terry was booed and had ugly chants used against him during road games, and his captaincy was briefly stripped.

6. Magic Johnson

10 Athletes Who Couldn’t Keep it In Their Pants (9)

Johnson’s sex addiction is a tragic case, as he was diagnosed with AIDS and had to make a public announcement in late 1991.

Though he was able to fight it and survive, when his life was in serious jeopardy at the time, he contracted it from sleeping with over 3,000 women. We’re not trying to insult Johnson in this listing, but it’s remarkable to see him fight it, and it’s hopefully a lesson for everyone to be safe.

5. Ryan Giggs

10 Athletes Who Couldn’t Keep it In Their Pants (10)

Like John Terry, Giggs became disgraced after what appeared to be a flawless and remarkable soccer career. But hey, humans make their own decisions.

Giggs, married to Stacey Cooke where they have two kids, hasn’t been loyal to his wife. In fact, the cheating allegations are disturbing. He apparently had an affair with model Imogen Thomas and slept with his brother’s wife, Natasha Giggs.

It gets worse: He also allegedly tried seducing Natasha’s mother.

We’ll leave it at that. Just wrong.

4. Dennis Rodman

10 Athletes Who Couldn’t Keep it In Their Pants (11)

One of the most unique and high-character players in NBA history to say the least. Rodman had interesting haircuts, off-the-court journeys, and stories to tell us.

Rodman infamously said that getting dirty was 50 percent of his life, and the other half was money. The well-known basketball athlete basically tried to remind the average male how perfect his life was.

Some believe that Rodman was having sex during a radio interview once, but no one knows for sure. Either way, Rodman loved talking about his sex life a little too much, so we assume he battled sex addiction.

3. Mike Tyson

10 Athletes Who Couldn’t Keep it In Their Pants (12)

One of the most successful boxers of all time was very controversial when he wasn’t in the ring. Tyson was in a well-known rape case in 1991, assaulting an 18-year-old. He spent three years in prison.

He’s fathered seven children with three different women. It’s safe to say he just hasn’t been able to stay away from the bedroom.

2. Antonio Cromartie

10 Athletes Who Couldn’t Keep it In Their Pants (13)

A star NFL cornerback throughout his career, Cromartie is more famous for his life off the field than on the field. And that’s saying something for a guy who made four Pro Bowls.

So here’s the deal: Cromartie is the father of 14 children with eight different women. What’s the catch, besides having 14 kids?

He has AT LEAST 14 kids; so far, all we know is that the athlete could have far more. In fact, who said he isn’t going to have any more kids?

1. Tiger Woods

10 Athletes Who Couldn’t Keep it In Their Pants (14)

It isn’t going to be anyone else.

Woods had it all: The best golfer in the world label, a beautiful wife, Elin Nordegren, two wonderful kids, was on his way to billionaire status, had major endorsem*nt deals, and was a hero to millions across the world.

The absolutely PERFECT life came crashing down in late 2009, unfortunately. The news came out that Woods was having multiple affairs. Many women came out and admitted to sleeping with him, and Woods sought sex therapy to deal with his problem. He has NOT even come close to being a star golfer since.

10 Athletes Who Couldn’t Keep it In Their Pants (2024)


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