Code Name: Wild Hunt: Death In Dyatlov Pass (2024)

Linda Collins

174 reviews3 followers

February 12, 2023

Death in That log Pass: Code Name:Wild Hunt

Love Mr. Roberts books especially The Wild Hunt series..Keeps you on the edge of your seat...From Clark, leader, to the Dog Men, you're holding your breath... Horror but of so good

Tim Frost

81 reviews1 follower

February 8, 2023


I think this is one of his best ones yet. It was wild and of course fantasy but what great fun. I really like the sky’s riding. And I like wild hunt. Keep up the excellent work. It is much appreciate it.

Pamela Smith

4 reviews1 follower

February 5, 2023

Oh please tell me that Clark not going to cheat on AMANDA with the Russian women.Is he leaving Amanda for her ??? Since she will be on his team???

Adam F

9 reviews1 follower

February 2, 2023

D.A Roberts does it again

Once again I’m introduced to new characters and D.A Roberts makes me feel for them. Great writing. Favorite series by far. I’m just waiting for a new Apex Predator Book.

Conway Carroll

1 review

February 2, 2023

Wild Hunt

Another great mission for the wild Hunt team. There's nothing more enjoyable than reading about major Clark and his latest fight with cryptid creatures.

Julie Welcheck

65 reviews

January 29, 2023


One of D A Roberts best and most intriguing. Margolin's code name is perfect. The series just keeps getting better and better.

Billy Barfield

187 reviews2 followers

February 16, 2023

WOW !!

D.A. Roberts is back with the next iteration of the supremely entertaining series that if he published a book a week would be to slow. I have come to respect and enjoy experiencing the lives of these brave men and women. They are written so well that it is impossible to put down the book. As I read I can imagine sitting in the bar on a stool in the corner and listening with all the attention I can muster to every step of the lives so richly lived. May Odin bless D.A. and to all of our fallen brothers and sisters , Until Valhalla … May our journeys and battles never end.

William Newbury

241 reviews1 follower

February 11, 2023

Enjoyable even if the dialogue was repeated

I felt that with each character there were a lot of stories and laughs that needed to be told. And there were so many I was having a hard time telling them apart and remembering them. Story is still interesting though and I like the Norse theology. Seeing azgaurd was interesting… it seemed like a great place to visit for a vacation but would you really want to go there, eat and drink, tell stories in a hall forever? Seems … a little boring after a while.

bruce smith

44 reviews1 follower

January 30, 2023

The boys are back in town!

Thank you D.A. Roberts for ending my drought and bringing my favorite characters back to action. I think things are getting a little too "Out there" for my taste but I can't quit on Team Odin and the rest of the bunch till everyone is home again. Keep up the good work, maybe please less weirdness next time.

Keith Olson

8 reviews

March 27, 2023

Another Mission for Team Odin

The second international mission for Team Odin sees them going to the frozen hinterlands of Russia and beyond. The fans have nicknamed the bright and vibrant universe created by D.A. Roberts, the "DAverse".

D.A. has been called the "Tom Clancy of the cryptid world" due to his painstaking research and attention to detail surrounding his employment of small arms tactics/training and use. No endless magazines of ammo, but believable and sound employment of real world items which allows the reader to fully experience the preternatural millieu of the DAverse.
Another title which should be bestowed upon D.A. is that he is also the Spike Lee of the cryptid world. His characters experience the highs, the lows, the joys and the sorrows of life. His DAverse is ever expanding and there are hints, easter eggs, and links sprinkled throughout ALL of his series of books.

To the hinterlands of Russia, the fabled Dyatlov Pass... and then the beyond? Well, you will have to read the book to find out what the beyond actually is and what happens. As a fellow veteran of the US Military, the beyond part tugged at my emotions. It brought a new and rich layer to the character of Daniel Clark. Hence the moniker of tagging D.A. as the "Spike Lee of the cryptid/preternatural world which is the DAverse!


139 reviews1 follower

May 28, 2023

I'll be honest, I picked this title hoping there would be some insane supernatural Russian experiment-gone-wrong savaging everyone who visits Dyatlov Pass, because... Dyatlov Pass.
What I got was not so much supernatural as cryptid and soldiering, which is fine because I love military horror. But I can't say I'm a huge fan of cryptid horror... so this is more of 3.5 star for me.

I definitely enjoyed getting to know the characters in the squad. And so this is my second foray into this series which I really got interested in because of its Native American characters. That is what is really compelling to me, the mysticism with some of the squad members.

wayne peters

306 reviews3 followers

February 8, 2024

Review of this book.

Another epic book in the series. Fast paced, and full of drama and suspense. Continuity was excellent. Many grammatical errors. However the book was excellent. The ending was surprising It really made the book so much better. One area toward the end was totally unexpected! It really made the story so awesome. I expect to see more books in this series. Or possibly another series taking off from this series.


157 reviews


February 7, 2023

Love D.A. Roberts: Wild Hunt Group

Every story "sucks you in" to the very end! Brings new characters into the group and so many "monsters with evil intentions" Clark and the team's have to fight! Absolutely love the Hotmatanos joining into the fight as well. Can't wait for the return of Greyeagle, Sarah and Jason from the "portal" in one of the next adventures! ;-)


8 reviews1 follower

September 23, 2023

D.A. Roberts knocks it outa the park!! This book was so exciting I found myself holding my breath during some of the battles and I had to remind myself to just breathe. If you love monsters and mayhem, the fight of good against evil, heroes (both men and women) from all walks of life, you will love D.A. Roberts. His world building is amazing and his characters cross-over to different books in the DAverse so they start to feel like old friends. His books never disappoint!

Valarie Smith

24 reviews1 follower

April 14, 2023


I love to follow the unusual characters and the relationships between the Norse lores, Native American, and Christian theologies. Makes for intriguing and thoughtful reading mixed with abounding action.

kathy pittenger

697 reviews2 followers

July 11, 2023

code name: wild hunt: death in Dyatlov pass

This is a fast paced, action, military, sci-fi adventure. Dealing with mythical creatures. I enjoy the main characters. The plot is predictable. But as an all books, the bad guys should lose the good guys Win.


96 reviews1 follower

November 24, 2023

Toughest battle yet

This was a very intense read. There were many moments where I thought Team Odin and the Dog Soldiers were done for. Lots of really cool new story lines I can’t wait to explore.

Rita L. Woods

21 reviews4 followers

February 10, 2023

Wild Hunt

Great book, as all the Wild Hunt books are. Author D. A. Roberts was (still is?) a member of the North America Dogman Project.

JT Chessher

13 reviews

February 10, 2023

Very good

I am a Big fan and once again I was not disappointed by this author, I look forward to the next book. Thank for this wonderful series.

Norm S

664 reviews4 followers

April 4, 2023

4 Stars

The team head to Russia to help the Russians try and close a portal letting through dark magic, Yeti, and dwarfs. And Clark learns some surprising information.

Rodney Hammond

3 reviews

June 11, 2023

Another Awesome Story

DA - Knocks it out of the Park Again ! This Needs to be a Movie ! The last 2 Books are Beyond Great!


5 reviews1 follower

November 9, 2023

The best one yet ..

I have never laughed nor cried so much as I have with this book. Fast paced, action packed, and an emotional element that makes you crave more.

Fred E Suggs

1 review

January 9, 2024

super story

I love the story
Can’t wait for more of this
I like how all the past present characters are tied together

Joe Graham

1 review

April 12, 2024

Good Story

Book was written well and has a good plot. The Sci fi is a little off the hook but enjoyable. I recommend it for a listen.

Code Name: Wild Hunt: Death In Dyatlov Pass (2024)


How did they solve the Dyatlov Pass Incident? ›

The results proved that an avalanche likely took place, though they couldn't prove that the force of the snowfall was strong enough to cause the hikers' injuries. The Russian government has since accepted that an avalanche was the true cause of the Dyatlov Pass Incident, but naysayers remain unmoved.

What was the conclusion of the Dyatlov Pass? ›

Researchers now say the Russian military was behind one of history's great unsolved tragedies. The Dyatlov Pass Incident, a 1959 hiking tragedy in the remote Russian mountains, has been the source of untold theories. Nine hikers were killed mysteriously, but new evidence points to military action as the cause of death.

What is the new evidence for the Dyatlov Pass Incident? ›

The study identifies a combination of “irregular topography, a cut made in the slope to install the tent and the subsequent deposition of snow induced by strong katabatic winds” that may have led to the slab avalanche, creating severe yet non-fatal injuries to the hikers before they died of hypothermia.

Who is the only survivor of the Dyatlov Pass Incident? ›

Unfortunately, all nine hikers were dead, leaving Yuri Yudin as the only survivor. The bizarre scene found at the campsite where the hikers died is not consistent with any logical theory, leading to much speculation still going on to this day.

What body parts were missing in the Dyatlov Pass? ›

One had a fractured skull, another had a twisted neck, two were missing their eyes and one of the bodies with no eyes was also missing her tongue. The gruesome fate of the nine hikers has generated theories ranging from natural disasters to secret weapons testing to an attack by yetis.

How did Anatoly Dyatlov survive? ›

He recovered thanks to hospital care, surviving what is often a lethal radiation dose. Together with Nikolai Fomin and Viktor Bryukhanov, Dyatlov was criminally charged for failure to follow safety regulations.

What was the cause of death in the Dyatlov Pass? ›

A medical examination found no injuries that might have led to their deaths, and it was concluded that they had all died of hypothermia. Slobodin had a small crack in his skull, but it was not thought to be a fatal wound. An examination of the four bodies found in May shifted the narrative of the incident.

What is the best documentary about the Dyatlov Pass? ›

An Unknown Compelling Force is the true story of the Dyatlov Pass Incident, known as Russia's greatest unsolved mystery. In 1959 a group of nine student hikers were attempting a difficult winter expedition in the remote Ural Mountains of Russia, when a mysterious event led to their horrific deaths, shocking the nation.

What is the Yeti Dyatlov Pass incident? ›

In 1959, nine hikers were found dead with inexplicable injuries in the snowy Ural Mountains of the former Soviet Union. The event, known as the Dyatlov Pass incident, has spawned numerous theories, from a Yeti attack to secret military experiments.

Is there a movie based on The Dyatlov Pass Incident? ›

Devil's Pass (originally titled The Dyatlov Pass Incident) is a 2013 horror film directed by Renny Harlin, written by Vikram Weet, and starring Holly Goss, Matt Stokoe, Luke Albright, Ryan Hawley, and Gemma Atkinson as Americans who investigate the Dyatlov Pass incident.

What happened in the dead mountain the untold true story of The Dyatlov Pass Incident? ›

Essentially, the book is about an unsolved case of how nine hikers passed away on a trip in the Ural Mountain range, and their cause of death is still technically unsolved. Aliens even came up as a conspiracy theory. It's in Russia in 1959, so nuclear testing came up as well.

Is Devil's Pass based on a true story? ›

Synopsis. Note: The Dyatlov Pass Incident was a real-life incident which occurred in February 1959 on the Kholat Syakhl mountain, part of the Ural Mountain range in what was then the territory of the Russian SFSR, Soviet Union.

What is the mysterious death of hikers? ›

The Dyatlov Pass incident is an intriguing unsolved mystery from the last century. A 1959 winter expedition in the Ural Mountains for a group of Soviet hikers turned deadly. Nine young adventurers, led by Igor Dyatlov, perished under a shroud of mystery.

Who was the 10th member of the Dyatlov Pass incident? ›

All were experienced in the mountains and most were students at Ural Polytechnic Institute which is now Ural Federal University. A tenth member of the team, Yuri Yudin, age 21 left the expedition several days before the events in question due to becoming ill. He survived to the age of 75 dying in April 2013.

Who were the victims of the Dyatlov pass incident? ›

The Dyatlov Pass Victims
Igor Dyatlov23Male
Aleksander Kolevatov24Male
Lyudmila Dubinina20Female
Nikolay Thibeaux-Brignolle23Male
5 more rows
Aug 9, 2022

How did frozen help solve a cold case? ›

According to National Geographic (citing the journal Communications Earth and Environment), engineers recently relied on animation codes that Disney used on its Oscar-winning blockbuster “Frozen” to prove a longstanding theory that an avalanche resulted in the deaths of the nine hikers.

What were the results of the autopsy of The Dyatlov Pass Incident? ›

A medical examination found no injuries that might have led to their deaths, and it was concluded that they had all died of hypothermia. Slobodin had a small crack in his skull, but it was not thought to be a fatal wound. An examination of the four bodies found in May shifted the narrative of the incident.


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