Ware K12 (2024)

1. Ware County Schools

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Ware County Schools

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  • Ware Middle School · Students of Ware Campus... · "WARE" Are They Now? · News

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3. Athletics - Ware Junior Senior High School

4. Ware County Middle School | Waycross GA - Facebook

  • A copy of the updated calendar can be found by visiting www.ware.k12.ga.us>Menu>Calendars and Menus>2024-2025 Ware County Schools Calendar. May be a graphic of ...

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5. People Information - Ware (03090000)

  • Curriculum Director, January M Yardley, jyardley@ware.k12.ma.us, 413-967-6903, 413-967-3182 ; Displaced Students Coordinator, Michael Lovato, mlovato@ware.k12.ma ...

  • Contact Information People Grades Offered Relationships/Membership Pathways and Programs Educator Contracts Curriculum Data Additional Information About Public School Districts Related Links:  ESE Website

6. Ware Junior/Senior High School (03090505)

  • Function, Contact Name, Email, Phone, Fax. Principal, Scott Slattery, sslattery@ware.k12.ma.us, 413-967-6234, --. ACCESS for ELLs Test Coordinator ...

  • Search Massachusetts Public School Districts Ware Districts Schools General Students Teachers Assessment Accountability Trends – DART

7. Google Forms: Sign-in

  • to continue to Forms. Enter your email. @ware.k12.ga.us. Forgot email? CAPTCHA image of text used to distinguish humans from robots.

  • Access Google Forms with a personal Google account or Google Workspace account (for business use).

8. [PDF] Student Advisem*nt Guide 22 - 21 Ware County High School - AWS

  • The Student Advisem*nt Guide describes Ware County High School course offerings for the school year. Using this tool as a resource with the support of school ...

9. Education - Waycross Chamber of Commerce

  • Cultural experiences throughout the year. 1301 Bailey Street, Waycross, GA 31501 t: (912) 283-8656 w: www.ware.k12.ga.us · VISIT SITE. CP Final building logo ...

  • Waycross-Ware County is a community priding itself on Pre-K through post secondary opportunities. Each educational institution provides:

10. Board of Directors — GACIS.org

  • NOMINATING COMMITTEE · SONYA BENNETT. Nominating Chair Ware County Schools sbennett@ware.k12.ga.us · RONDA HIGHTOWER. Laurens County Schools rondahightower@lcboe.

  • Dr. Claire Buck, GACIS Executive Director

11. Regional Directors | Georgia Association of School Personnel ...

  • Region – Okefenokee Region. jcribbs@ware.k12.ga.us. Jenna Carpenter. Region – Pioneer RESA. jenna.carpenter@dawson.k12.ga.us. Justin ...

  • Regional Directors from Georgia’s 16 RESA districts ensure that GASPA provides localized support and programs to members.

Ware K12 (2024)


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