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    OF THE



    John Yarker

  • 8/11/2019 John Yarker - Rite of Memphis



    The publishers have recently reissued a rareEnglish-language

    translationofE.J. Marconis deNegres classicworkTheSanctuaryofMemphis(1849) which servesas the best introduction tothe ritualsof

    the Order from the view-point ofits advocates. Inthat work willalso

    be found the UniversalTyler,which providesa completedescription

    ofthe secret work (tokens, signs and words)ofthe Order from theFirstthrough Thirty-third degrees. Thefirst Thirty-three degreesofthe RiteofMemphis wereessentially theAncient andAccepted ScottishRite of


    The presentwork includes JohnYarkerslastrevisionofthehighdegrees ofthe Rite ofMemphis, i.e., those from the 340 through950

    inclusive. Yarker was head oftheEnglish branch ofthe order,then

    known as theAncient andPrimitiveRite. Under hisleadership theRiteunderwenta reformation and abridgment.

    While manyofthese degrees consistoflittle morethanthesecretworkso-called, it shouldbe rememberedthat: this esoterica istheroot

    ofthe secret tradition. If appropriately chosen, the signs,tokens andwords shouldhint at the secret tradition and symbolicinstruction which

    serves as the foundationofthe degrees. Inpreparinghisdescription ofthe degreesYarker,in conformitywithstandard practice, reversed the

    order ofthe letters ofthe secret words.Thus,all capitalizedsecret wordsmust be read fromright toleft as one would readHebrew.In the340 for

    example, EGGIS becomes SIGGE, EZAMORO becomes OROMAZE,

    and so forth.

    Although some ofthe rituals are skeletal in nature they willbe

    supplemented by the simultaneous use ofother publications. Evenintherathercomplete ceremonialofthe 490 Sublime SageofthePyra-mids, for example, we find that the reader is referred toYarkers

    Lectures ofa Chapter, Senate and Council, also availablethrough

    Kessinger PublishingCo.

    Inconnection with our exclusiveSecretRitualSeries,KessingerPublishingCompany

    intendsonreprinting as many of the degrees ofthe Rites ofMemphisand Mitzraimaspossible.

  • 8/11/2019 John Yarker - Rite of Memphis




    IN 950

    Book ThThd





    This s a Philosophical degree, and consists of 3 partsorpoints~I, the Elect; 2, the Mystic; 3, thc Epoptae. In these arestudied

    the Masonic doctrine; the historic and philosophic; theSciences

    termed Occult or Secret. The temple is a square; the hangingsof

    sky blue, sprinkled with silver stars. The Fast has a Daisofvioletstuff fringed with gold, where is the throne of theVenerable; on

    the 3 thrones are 3 Hierophants wearing Crowns. In the centreisan Altar upon which are the Scriptures, a glaive, and theSquare

    and Compasses. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd thrones have 3, 2 and 1.

    steps. The banner is flame coloured, and in the middle isrepresentedasword, a palm branch, the two crossed.

    The Ribbon is colour of fire worn with a black rosette, and

    the Jewel suspended thereto is a Star of Silver for Knights,andof gold for Dignitaries. Thereis no change made duringthepoints.


    The Very High(Knocks 333-333). Worthy Brother, why are we

    assembled here?

    The HighTo instruct each other in Sacred Things.

    The Very HighWorthy Equal, how do we hope to do this?


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    The EqualBy knowledge brought from Asgaard.

    The Very HighThen I declare the Assembly duly open for

    instruction. (Each gives 333)


    lntroducer(Knocks 333, door opened d little way.)

    GuardWhence comest thou, Stranger, and what is thy desire?

    AspirantMy name is Pilgrim; I have wandered long and am

    weary and desire rest. To whom belongs this fair mansion?

    GuardTo the King and to him will I lead thee. (Admitted)

    Accompanier(Draws Sword, stands on defensive, and leads As-

    pirant six times round the I-fall, sayingsoftly trScan everygate!

    Ere thou go on, With greatest caution, For 65 hard to say!Wherefoes are lurking! In this fair Mansion. After the 6th~

    round Aspirant is brought suppliantly before the threethrones,

    one raised higher than the other two upon which are seatedthe

    three with Crowns.)

    AccompanierPilgrim behold the Three! He who Sitteth on the

    lowest throne is calledTHE HIGH,or Lofty one; the 2nd isnamed

    EQUAL TO THE H!Gi-I; and the 3rd is called THE HIGHEST. Lis-

    ten to what they say to thee. Question them and they willanswer.3. The HighStranger thou art welcome, and mayest eat and

    drink, without cost in the Hall of the Sublime. What is thy

    errand and what dost thou desire from us?

    PilgrimI desire instruction in your Mysteries.

    2. Equal of the HighThe knowledge which you seek was brought

    from Asgaard by Sigge the High Priest of our All-fatherOdin,

    when he led his all-conquering armies from the Pontus and

    Euscine Seas. As Priest he sought not Kingly rank but gave totheScandinavians a Mystic Theology which descended to after

    ages in a Symbolic poem named the Voluptia amplified in the

    Eddas. He it was who established in Scandinavia the secret

    religious Mysteries and appointed as their Guardian Twelve

    Great Pontiffs. From these Mysteries sprang numerous Frater-

    nities or Guildswarlike, religious, social, and operative,whose

    members were bound by Oath to give each other mutual aid and


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  • 8/11/2019 John Yarker - Rite of Memphis


    Where doth he dwell? What is his Power? What bath he done

    to display his Glory?

    3.The High (l)Hc livcth from all ages, lie governeth allrealms;

    he swayeth all things, great and small.2. The F. I-I. (2)He bathformed the heavens; the Earth; the

    air; and all things thereunto belonging.

    1. The Highest (3)And what is more still, he hath made man,

    and given him a soul which will never perish; though thebody

    shall have mouldered away, or may have been burned to ashes.

    PilgrimWhen and how was the beginning of all things?

    3. The High (Quoting tLre Vo/uspa).Twas times first dawn,Whennaught yet was,

    Nor sand, nor sea,

    Earth was not there,

    Nor heaven above,

    Naught save a void,

    And yawning gulf,

    But verdure none.2. The EqualFor the unregenerate man there isNiflheim, (or

    Hell), the abode of anguish, misery, and anihilation. Butbefore

    all thcre is Muspelsheim, or the luminous world, where rules

    Surbur the black,Surbur filled with deceitful stratagems,who

    cometh from the South. The paths of death, and heaven was

    split asunder.

    The Gods were createdflure the father of Bore, whose wife

    was Beyzla the daughter of Baldron, of whom was born Odin,Vile,and ye, who rule this world. The Voluspa says:

    Tormerly the sun. Knew not his place,

    The Moon was ignorant of its powers,

    And the Stars Knew not their stations.

    of the flesh of the Giant Ymer was formed Earth,

    Of his Sweat the Seas, ofhis bones the Mountains,

    Ofhis hair the herbs of the field, and ofhis skull theheavens


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    But the Merciful Gods built of his eyebrows the City Midgard

    For the Children of Men, and of his brains the clouds

    The Sense of which it is for you to discover.

    Odin, Vile, and Ve, the sons of Bore, walkingon the sea shoreofthis world created the first man Aske, and, the first woman

    Emla. Odin is therefore justlycalled the All-father, andLidskialf

    is his palace. His wife Frigga, is the goddess ofnature,fertility,

    and love, and is the daughter of Fliorgun.

    Odin, says the Edda, has 46 names, because each Nation,

    having a different language translated it into their owntongue;

    the Earth is his daughter and wife, on her hath he begottenAsa-

    Thor, his first born, the god of war, strength and, valour(Mars)

    Loke is the evil God, full of cunning and deceit, and causedthe

    beautiful Balder to be slain by a shaft of the balefulMistletoe,

    for he was otherwise invulnerable. Balder having thusperished,

    his mother Frigga proclaimed that whosoever would descend

    to Nerfiheim where rules Hela, and restore him to lifeshould

    merit all her love. Hermode, his brother, the nimble offoot,

    travelled in dark valleys for 9 days, and when he arrives atthe

    abode if the Hela agrees to deliver him up, if all thingsanimate

    and inanimate would weep for him. As in other allegories,and

    mythologies, all nature wept and mourned for the beautiful

    Balder, save Loke disguised as a cave-dwelling witch, whosaid

    Thok will weep with dry eyes the funeral of Balder, Let all

    things, living or dead, weep if they will, but let Hela keepher

    prey. So l3alcl.er remains with Hela till the restoration ofall

    things, and Loke was bound in a cavern by the other Gods,and

    serpents discharge their venom upon him.

    PilgrimWhat did the All-father after building Asgard?

    1. The HighestHe established Governors. Their first work was

    to build a Hall wherein are 1 2 seats for themselves, besidesthe

    throne of Odin. Its name is Gladheim (gladhome). They also

    built another Hall for the goddesses . . . they called itVinglod

    or theMansion of loveand friendship . . . That age wascalledthe


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    golden age . . . and lasted till the women arrived from the

    country of the giants.

    PilgrimWhich is the Capitol of the Gods, or sacred city?

    1.The HighestIt is under the Ash Ydrasil where the godsassembleevery clay and administer Justice. It hath 3 roots, oneamongst

    the Giants: one amongst the Gods; the third covers Nerfiheim

    (Hell). Under the root of that in the country of the Giantsis

    a spring, and whoever drinks of that is named Nimis and is

    full of wisdom. The Voluspa says:

    Where hast thou concealed thine eye Odin?

    I know where; even in the limpid fountain of Minis,Every morningdoes Minis pour Hydromel,

    Upon the pledge which he receives from the All-father.

    Do you understand this?

    The third root of the Ash is in heaven,

    Under it lies the holy fountain ofpast times,

    There are in heaven very many pleasant cities,

    And none without a divine garrison

    The large Ash suffers more than man would believeA Stag eats andspoils it above

    It rots on the sides, and a serpent gnaws it below

    There are Nomies (Fairies, past, present and future)

    Of different origins, someproceed from the godsSome from theGenii, and some from the dwarfs.

    PilgrimWhat cities are to be seen in heaven?

    1.The HighestThere are many fine cities to be seen there. Oneofthem is Alfheim, where dwell the luminous Genii; the blackdwellunder the Earth and diffet from the others, still more in

    their actions than in their appearance, the luminous Geniiare

    more splendid than theSun, But the black Genii are darkerthan

    pitch. The inside ofBreidablik is ofgold., the roof of silver.The

    great City Valasridlfbelongs to Odin, and is of pure silver.Men

    of goodness and integrity shall abide there for ages.


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    (VohtTa) 1 know that there is a place brighter than the Sun;

    Entirely covered, with gold, in the city ofGimle.There thevirtuous are to reside, there they live happy

    through all ages.

    PilgrimCan you tell me ought of the nature of the Gods?

    1. The HighThere are 12 of these. Besides Odin and Frigga,

    Thor already mentioned whose chariot is drawn by twoHe-goats;

    there is Balder who hath his palace in Breidablik; and thereI

    know (says Voluspa) are Columns upon which are engraven

    verses, capable of raising the dead to life.

    Kiord is the ruler of the winds and dwelleth in Noution, and

    took to wife Skada the daughter of the giant Thiasse: hischild.ren are Frey who presides over rain, and is the mildest ofthe

    gods: and Freya, the propitious from whom the ladies taketheir

    name. Tyr is the most bold and intrepid of the gods. Brage

    is celebrated for his wisdQm, his eloquence, and his majesticair;

    his wife is Iduma who hath in charge certain apples thatrenew


    Heimdall is the son of 9 virgins who are sisters, he dwellsat

    the end of Birfrost in a castle called the Celestial Fort, andisthe Watchman of the Gods. Hoder is blind but exceedingly

    strong. The Ninth God is the silent Vidar. The lath God,Vile

    or Vali is the son of Odin, and Rinda, bold in war and anex-cellent archer. The 11th is Tellar the offspring of Gissiaand

    son-in-Jaw of Thor, and a quick archer. The 12th is Forsette

    son of Balder he administers Justice, and dwells in Glibner.

    Glibner is the name of a place which is supported uponpillars

    of gold, and is covered with a roof of silver. There it isthat

    Forsette resides the greater part of the time, to reconcileandappeaseaJI sorts of quarrels. Loke is designated theCalumni-

    ator of the Gods; the artificer of frauds; the disgrace ofGods

    and. men (a Christian devil) ; he has children like himself,and

    these include Wolf Fenris, the serpent Nidhog~er, and athird

    cafled Hela, to whom is sent the indolent who die 0f old age

    and sickness. The Valiant, and those slain in battle arewelcomed

    by the All-father Odin.


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    PilgrimWho are the Goddesses?

    3. The EqualThe principal is Frigga, who math a magnificent

    palace called Fensalar, or the divine abode. The 2nd isSagar.

    Eira performs the function of healer. Gefione is a virgin,and

    takes into her alt chaste maids after their death. Fylla is alsoavirgin and wears her beautiful locks flowing over hershoulders.

    Freya ranks next to Frigga. She was married to Oder who left

    her to travcl and her tears for his loss are drops of pure gold.The

    7th is Sione who draws young men and maidens together. Lorna

    is so gracious that she has the power of reconciling loversat

    variance. Vara the 9th, presides over oaths, and punishesthose

    who are false. Vora is wise, and can penetrate secretthings.

    Synia is the Poetess of the heavenly palace. The 12th is Lynaandshe has care of those whom Frigga intends to deliver from

    peril. Snofra is a wise and intelligent Goddess. TheMessenger

    of Frigga is named Gna.

    We reckon alsoSol and Bil amongst the Ases orDivinities;andthere are besides agreat numberofVirgins in Valhallawhosupply

    mead to the heroes.

    PilgrimWhat can you tell me of the time of Darkness of the

    Gods?1. The HighestIt is the end of the cycle. First will arrivea great

    and desolating winter, and snow will come from the fourcorners

    of the world. There will be severe frost, and violent anddanger-ous tempests. See how the 1st Hierophant states it inVoluspa.

    Brothers will become murderers, and will stain themselveswith

    a brothers blood; kindred wilt forget the ties ofconsanguinity;

    and life wilt become a burthen; adultery shall reignthroughout

    the world. A barbarous age! An age of swords! An age oftempests!An age of wolves! The bucklers shalt be broken in

    pieces, and these calamities shall succeed each other untilthe

    world falls in ruins.

    Heimdal will lift up his crooked trumpet and sound it aloud.

    Odin consults the head of Minis, the great Ash; the sublime

    and fruitful Ash will be violently shaken and send forth agroan.

    The Giant bursts his irons.


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    What is then doing amongst the Gods? What is doing

    amongst the Genii? The land of the Giants is filled withuproar.

    The Deities collect and assemble together. The dwarfs sighand

    groan before the entrance of their caverns. 0! ye inhabitantsof

    the mountains, can ye say, whether anything shall remain inex-

    istence? The sun is darkened, the earth is overwhelmed bythe

    sea; the shining stars disappcar from the heavens, vapourmixed

    with fire arises, vehement heat prevails even in heavenitself.

    But I know that there is in Nastrade an abode remote fromthe

    Sun, the gates of which look towards the North; their dropsof

    poison rain through the windows; for it is built on thecarcases

    of Serpents.

    There in rapid rivers swim the perjurers, the assassins, and

    those who seek to seduce the wives of others. In anotherplace

    there is still worse for an all-devouring Wolf perpetuallytor~

    ments the bodies of those who are sent in thither. Such isthe

    account given us by the Volus/a, of what the Hindu Vedasterm

    the great Prelaya, the night or inbreathingof Brahm, theUnknow-


    PilgrimWhom of the Gods will then survive? Will they all

    perish and will there no longer be a heaven, and, an earth?

    1. The Highest. There will arise out of the sea, which hasover-

    whelmed the old, another Earth most lovely and beautiful.

    Vidar and Vale shall survive, because neither the flood, northe

    black conflagration can do them harm. Mode and Magne, the

    son ofThor repair Thither. Thither will come Balder, thebeauti-ful, and Hoder from the mansions of the departed. Twopersons,

    male and femateLif and Liftbraser tie, concealed under ahill,

    and will propagate so abundantly that the new Earth is soon

    peopled anew. The Sun, once again, the brilliant monarch of

    fire, shall bcgct an only daughter, before the devouringWolf

    commits his devastations; and, after the death of the gods,she

    wilt pursue the same route as her parents.


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    III, EPOPTAE (Seer),

    2. The HighNow have Sublime Strains, been sung in Sublime

    Halls! Useful are they to the sons of men. Hail to him who

    sang them! Hail to him who hath seen, and understood them!Maythey profit him who bath retained them! Hail to those who

    hath lent an ear to hear them! 0! Pilgrim, thou who hastseen

    and heard! Make the best useof what we have imparted tothee!

    Study the inner meaning of the allegory.

    1. The HighestBeforeyou depart, I would say to you, thatwehave

    deemed it best, in beginning this special section of our Riteto

    point out to you, that we have deemed it best to give youthe

    Initiation fully of the Scandinavian King Gylpke by theHighestPriests, of the Temple of Odin, as it is related in theEddas.

    You will be the better enabled to understand in studying the

    mythology ofthe Scythian Priest Sigge that ofothers whichfollow.

    There are in it traces of the primaeval creed which taught

    that humanity arose from a marriage of Heaven and Earth.Much

    of the Aryan Theology of the Vedas is to be found in it, andits

    closing strains areof the Destruction and Renovation ofaltthings

    in the Outbreathing and Inbreathing of the Unknowable Deity,thePara-bratin of the Vedas.

    I cannot better reward the attention you have given, than by

    formally creating you a Knight of Scandinavia in its highest

    point. You will therefore kneel before me.

    Does so. Master strikes both shoulders saying:In the name

    of the All-father, I create you a Knight of Scandinavia. Beval-

    iant, bold, and true: ever esteem death with honor, before alife

    with dishonour. I decorate you with the Insignia of theOrder,and proceed to instruct you iti the modes by which werecognise

    each other.

    I Section S. of OrderDraw the sword with right hand and hold

    it by the middle of the blade.

    S. of RecognitionStrike 2 blows on Sword with left hand,fingers

    of the right hand on the heart,


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    AnswerPlace right index on the lips.

    S. of1-leipRight hand on left shoulder, left on brow.

    T.Place right foot to brothers, left hand on heart, takeeaches

    right hand with arms held, vertically.

    W. P.EGGIS: AnswerEZA.MORQ (most pure light)

    Rec. W.Stella Sedet Soli. (Science, Wisdom, Holiness).

    W. S.OAZ. Battery333-333.

    MarchSix ordinary steps, draw sword. Stand to order.

    ir SectionNTDO Answer E!SPOTUA (Contemplation)W. P.EIGOGANA.(Elevation of Spirit)

    III SectionW. P.ENEGIROBA (Society without origin)

    W. S.ATSORTJR. (Truth)


    HierophantYou will now take your seat and listen to theLecture.

    1 Q.Do you believe in the immortality of the Soul.

    R..Yes. It is the ancient teaching of this degree.

    2 Q.Do you believe that the Soul is an Emanation of God?

    R.God is truth, then all which Jives must be in aflinity.3Q.What is individuality?

    R.Individuality is the Soul which is immortal. It is the Egowhichmay steep, but never cease to be. Free and immortal, moved,by

    grievous things of necessity, the will can embrace worldsand

    raise itself even towards Divinity.

    Q.What is will?

    R.Will is the principle of our actions, and all that isorganised.

    Q.Are the exterior senses then the instruments of the soulto

    form itself?

    R.Yes. Because the soul feels through the body: it sees withitseyes; hears through its ears; and these can be developed andper.

    fectioned in like manner as the exterior senses performthese

    functions, the soul has also its interior and spiritualsensations.

    to wit:-




    It has humane feelings and sentiments of humanity;

    A moral sense, with sentiments of human good;

    The intellectual, or sentiments of the true and the just;


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    4. The aesthetic, or sense of the beautiful Sublime.

    5. Thc religious Sense, or of the holy and divine.

    These 5 admirablc Senses, like those of the natural body,are

    susceptible of the highest development, and it is in this artofperfectioning itself that the education of the soul consists.

    In order for this development, conformablc to the soulsnatural

    dignity, we must recognise all its facilities, and put them inactivity

    in the way that reason prescribes.

    The soul can only receive the impressions of exteriornature,

    and must therefore feel, receive, reflect, imagine, understand,will:

    in one word it is the soul which thinks. It is more or kssperfect,

    in proportion that it is more or less pure, and the perfectgoodness

    of a man constitutes his soverign perfection.

    The soul which perfects its divine nature may thus, by de-

    grees, approach the divine; it knows its origin, its nature, andits

    destiny; it feels that it comes from God, and seeks to return toHim.

    The divine essence of the humane Soul, is shown in Thoughts

    of God, arid of immortality, and is part of its intellectualand

    spiritual nature; it constitutes its divine nature, itssovereign good,its supreme felicity.

    A noble and great Soul is one which feels in itself theDivine

    force, and thinks and acts in it, and reposes constantly inthoughts

    of God and immortality.

    With this single thought when all else fails in the enz~bire ofthe

    world, it rests unflinching and preserves its energy, itsliberty, its

    almost divine power. Nothing else, under the Sun, can becom-

    pared to a strong soul: if the universe was anihilated beforeits

    eyes, it would survive and remain peaceful, for it isimmortal.

    0! Man, as thy soul is immortal form it for immortality, by

    raising it towards the S.A.O.T.U. Listen to the voice of God,to

    that celestial voice which speaks to thy heart, cryingperpetually


    Q.Dost thou believe in the transmigration of Souls?


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    A.If the perfection of the vital breath which animates us isthe

    direct reason of civilization are we not involuntarily led tocon-

    clude that certain souls which are impeccably 6lled with the

    divine breath, may be attached to a more perfect existencein

    order that they may tend to approach the in~nitc Being from

    whom they have sprung?

    Even the insect which then is the object ofour disdain, maygive

    up its last breath to a being of superior order; thus bytransmi.

    gration upon transmigration, with a series of beings, the mostim-

    perfect may arise towards its creator, to repose in the bosomofGod

    such was the belief of the ancient priests.

    HierophanLThese Ancient Priests said,Th e soul is immortal,

    but to reach heaven, it has to pass through 7 doors of lead,tin,

    copper, iron, bronze, silver, and gold.~ The Alchemists had

    analogous doctrines, they supposed that the soul must pass

    through the development of the Seven planets, before itreposed

    in the centre of felicity.


    1. The Highest(Knocks 333-333)Our Labours being ended

    I close the Assembly. Depart to your homes and the blessings

    of the All-father be with you.

    The battery is repeated by the 2 other Priests (see plate atend

    of volume)Runic Cypher

    Jewel..Sword and palm crossed, form of a star; gold forOfficers,

    silver for Knights: The ribbon is red.


    You have a printed Ritual of this degree; alter the number.

    Marconis recommends what may be added as a 2nd Point withthe

    title of Commander.

    Instruction in the d;v,sion of the Seasons. The apparent mo-

    tions ofthe Stars, their velocity, distance, terms, andgravitation. The

    purification ofmetals and how to render them ductile. Thebotani-

    cal properties of plants and vegetables; and the modeofextracting


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    their sap to prolong life. Thus to acquire a knowledge of thetem-

    pIe of the Universe.

    S.Right hand to heart, extend arm palm down,

    Answer.lnterlace fingers and place with thumbs erect on the

    heart to form two squares.

    T.Press 3 timcs the right hand on shoulder

    Answer.With right hand 3 light shakes.

    Reply.Place forefinger in palm of left hand.

    W.P. SUIRIS (Dog Star)

    AnswerSII-LTOS. (The Same and a Cycle of I to 61 years).

    W.S.A RUTAN.

    Answer.HAILE. (Fortitude.) Battery 7777777.


    Founded in 1780 of 3 grades, or Points,BelieverElect


    1. Purification by the 4 elements.

    2. The Symbols should recall the Unity of God.

    It has reference to primitive worship and the consequences

    resulting from the Astronomical observations of the PriestsofBaby-lon, Chaldea, and Sidon. It quotes a Chapter in Al Koran,being

    the protests of Abram against Star and idol worship. Thelabour

    is consecrated to Geometry, and astronomy.

    President (Says)You understand now our Mysteries, ourScience,

    our Altar, and our God; it is with the idea of Unity thatthe

    luminous triangle unites all our symbols.

    In investing you with the Habit, I invite you to let itcover

    for ever the darkness of error and prejudice.1. SectionBeliever.Place left hand over the eyes and the 2 first

    fingers of right on the lips.

    T.Take each others little finger.


    2. Section. Elect S.Right knee on floor, cross arms onbreast.

    T.Take mutually the fingers of right hand.



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    3. Section Perfect S.Place open hand on forehead as if toscreen

    the eyes, thurpb in square.

    T.Take righl hand mutually, and give seven light shakes.




    Battery. 1. (The Unity)

    Jewel & Symbol.A luminous triangle.


    For this degree take the Printed Ritual you have. It dealswith

    ancient Initiation and Marconis recommends that it should be

    Catechetical to test the Aspirants progress.

    S.Points upwards with right forefinger.Answer.Form a trianglewith the thumb and index finger before

    the stomach.

    S. of Help.Clasp the hands palms outwards, above the head,

    saying: To me children of the Widow.

    S. of Order.Right hand supported on the hip.

    T. Master Masons Grip, one says UM, reverse hands other saysAH,

    again reverse NOB.The other saysNOBAHOM (Re-

    membrance of the dead).

    W. P.SIiTIHTAKEK, (One who knows the written law)

    AnswerLEMOG (Recompense)

    W. 5.UGACNEPLUOF. (Do that thou wishest should be

    done unto thee)

    A nswerHTURT.

    Batteryl or 11111111111Jewel and SymbolA A with the letter M inthe centre.


    You have already this degree under the 2nd title in aPrinted

    Ritual and can use it for 380. Marconis says that theceremonials

    resemble the ancient Initiation of Egypt.


  • 8/11/2019 John Yarker - Rite of Memphis


    In the centre is a brasier with a pure flame;, and it ispreferred

    to all others, as the custom of the greatest nations, theEgyptians,

    Greeks, Peruvians.

    On his entrance the

    Neophyte is

    veiled, and hears an Address

    comparing the ancient Mysteries of different countries which,in

    effect, rcpresented the contest between Light and Darkness.

    S.Miiitary Salute with the Sword. Answer.Make a triangle on

    the forehead with thumb and index.

    T.Press S times on the palm ofeach others right hand with2nd


    W. P.IROH (celestical day). AnswerNYENOMiHCA (Name

    of a tomb).

    W. S.IAODOHSIRUZ (God is my strongest rock).

    Battery 55555

    Jewel & SymbolA Silver Key crossed with a cubit rule.


    In the Phoenician language AEon signifies a central point of

    development. It has also reference to the Avators or SaviourGods

    treated by the Mysteries.Marconis says that its precepts aredrawn from the Izesclme,

    a Zoroastrian work of 72 diapters. Our Order, born with thefirst

    races of mankind has initiated and developed everything thathas

    been of service to humanity. As the child of the dogma oftrde

    light it has marched at the head of civilization and advancedthe

    progress of intelligence.

    Our Order is the depository of all that is valuable to man, asit

    has preserved in its temples that which the profane world haslonglostthe virgin simplicity of natural laws.

    Properly speaking the Zorastrian Masonry of last century was

    divided into 3 points,the Veiled,the Elect,and the Seer, and

    its object was the rehabilitation of Man. So that he mightapproach

    his Creator. Thus it brings the Seer in contact with the factsof

    Magnetism, Somnambulism, dreams, prescience or prevision,and

    sympathies, and antipathies.


  • 8/11/2019 John Yarker - Rite of Memphis


    1. Section (Veiled) S.Right hand on brow.

    T.Place lcft hand on heart of Examiner.


    2. Section (Elect) SPlace 2 fingers of left hand on themouth,

    and, the right over the heart.

    W. P.Archimage (No. T.)

    3. Section (Seer) 5.Join the 2 hands, flex the left knee andfix

    the eyes on heaven.

    T.Take each right hand and press seven times.

    R. W.EIGOGANA (Elevation) Answer.NUONMJOD.

    (Abode of the Lord).

    W. S.SUITUCOLSUJA (The Word, the Lord) (The last

    need only be given).Jewel and SymbolStar with a centralpoint.

    Battery 1-1-1.


    Marconis instructs that this grade should consider thefunda-

    mental laws of nature and instinct. Touching upon the existenceof

    a God, who draws us to himself by eternal chains, whose linksare

    the love of goodness.

    This faith is so far from being revolting to our reason, thatit

    lends us wings to fly in search of Truth and provdes apowerful

    authority wherewith to establish the principles of true morallight.

    Our Mysteries shut up in physical and metaphysical sciences,are

    the revealing torches which speak to our Spirit, and whichthus

    consecrate our faith. That which God wills he conserves. He isthe

    AO, the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end inthe

    nature ofhis essence. From Him all things proceed and to Himallthings return.

    S.Point to heaven with the index of right hand.

    T.Link the two index fingers.


    W. S.SETIHTAKEK (one who knows the written law.)


    Jewel and Symbol.On a triangle, seven stars, placed 2, 3 and2.


  • 8/11/2019 John Yarker - Rite of Memphis



    The title of the degree refers to the Rainbow which receives

    its prismatic colours as a reflexion from the sun upon thehumid

    atmosphere, and the ancient operative Free Masons held that itwas

    the patterns on which they worked Arches.

    The degree is intended to teach that the Sun is a Well of

    beneficence, and the Regenerator of Natures beauties, itquickens

    these into life. All nations have bowed down and kissed theirhands

    to this grand symbol of universal life, which signals thefatherly

    aid that God bestows on all creation.

    It has not always been thus. Stellar or Star worship wassuc-ceeded by that of the Sun and Moon, and the Pole Star was inthe

    earlier worship, and still is in many countries, as China, theeye of

    heaven, the Mystery Sun, and the Symbol of the highest deity.The

    Gainmad ion 4 gammas or r, was a grand symbol of theearliercult, and is yet venerated amongest operative Free Masons.In this

    form (male swastika) it would seem to be Stellar thus(female

    swastika) Sunrise. It is the d,agrams of the Great Bear, of 7Stars,

    in its revolution, round the Pole Star N.E.S.W.

    The President closes his allocution,The cause of that grand

    beneficent existence is a Mystery to us, of which we canappreciate

    the material effects. Thus faith is not in contradiction to ourreason.

    We believe in those sublime, divine, and supernaturalprinciples

    which are above our intelligence, because the second causes ofthese

    impressions strike our Senses, and demonstrate the existence ofa

    superior force.

    S.Draw the sword and plant it on the Earth. Recover sword,andplace self on guard as if for combat.

    Answer.Salute to right, to left, and in front.

    T.Placc right hand upon the guard ofsword.

    W. P.HAKADEST (Justice) W. S.RU (Light).

    Battery.7777 777

    Jewel and Symbol.A Rainbow.


  • 8/11/2019 John Yarker - Rite of Memphis



    This degree teaches that our Order is a social chain whichdates

    from the foundation of the world; that in spite of savage andbar-

    berous wars, and the catastrophes of time which haveoverthrown

    and changed the face of the world, it remains pure andstainless

    and a shelter from the contagions of earth.

    It takes as symbolic basis the grand work which God hasplaced

    before the eyes of all men, in providing with equal andimpartial

    Justice for the wants of all terrestrial existence. It is withthis idea

    that Masonry inscribes on her banner the word Fraternity, orin

    the language of wisdom death to egotism.

    The Receiver says,Consult the heavens, the greatest and

    most beautiful of all books, written by the hand of Godhimself.

    S.With index~ finger of right hand trace the stars; holding anin-

    strument with left hand.

    T.Point with index finger to the Pole Stat.W. P.NOIRO (TheConstellation of Horus)

    W. S.I-IAJ (It is the Pole Star among certain Arabs.)


    Jewel and~ Symhol.Upon a triangle, a broken Star.



    The degree you have in print will answer for this; but when

    reprinted might be much improved (consult our English Lecturesof

    a Chapter, Senate, and Council). The Aspirant, in Marconislast

    revision, overuns the 1 2 Symbolic Houses of the Sun. Thedegreeteaches that birth and death are represented by the twoemblematical

    columns, and enclose our earthly destiny that life is theworkshop

    in which is found the hidden treasure-house, where the wiselearn

    to accomplish their destiny with strength, courage and dignity.The

    ancient Hermetic language is threefold, religious, philosophicand

    scientific; as a religion it is that of the initiates of allages; as a

    philosophy its principles must be sought in the schools ofEgypt;


  • 8/11/2019 John Yarker - Rite of Memphis


    as an Art in the pages of Lulti, Paracelsus, Flam~nel, and ascore of


    The temple is approached by seven steps, the first is asquare,

    or symbol of the 4 elements; the second a triangle for the 3prin-

    ciples, and these have an important signification in referenceto our

    own humanity, and are found in systems analagous to our own.

    S.Point upwards with the right thumb and say ODNECAT (si-


    Answer.Place right hand flat on the heart, thumb forming a

    square, and say ODNERPS (Hope)

    T.Make the Hermetic crossleft hand palm down, the othercovers

    with left, same with right.

    I. W. P.TOBA (The East) AnswerSOILEH (Sun, or gold)

    ENEM (Moon or Silver) NOTAMMARTET (Sacred name of


    1. S. W.KANRAK AnswerSEMREH (Greek Thoth).

    2 SI.N.RA. (Given oniy in Consistory).



    Jewel and Symbol.On a triangle 7 stars 4 an 3.

    N. H.The new part might be used for another Hermetic degree.


    Teaches a knowledge of that great open book the Stellar Uni-

    verse, as the stars are mapped out in the Constellations, theposi-

    tions of the Planets or Plutarch says that the most ancientHerakles

    of Egypt, Tyre, and Greece represented the force which sendsthe

    Sun in its apparent path thro the 12 signs, but the Sun itselfand

    all its planets has a journey of its own.

    Hermetic allegory,Severe proofs for complete initiation

    trial of Mercuryfire lost by Negligencenew embarrassmentan

    instant lostthe Great work advancesplanets take their places

    proof of fireexpiation necessaryformation of a new manpro-

    duct of labourtruth discovered.

    &Take sword, and circle round the floor.


  • 8/11/2019 John Yarker - Rite of Memphis


    T.Mtitually join right and left hands.

    W. P.REI3EG. (Arabian alchemist)

    W. S.IANODA (Lord). Battery12 equal.

    Jewel and SymbolA book ofwhich is 12 stars, and the letters J.H.


    Second fife of manmeans of setting out from darkness

    continuation of the erection of a symbolic edifice. The purifiedman

    is led by a childFirst intelligence of intermediary beings thatform

    a chain which unites us to divinity. Reflections upon theNumber

    3;the White, green, bluethe messenger indicates the gates.

    Rendered worthy of Initiation in the Sanctuary.S.Grasp tilebeard with the right hand.

    T.Grasp the fingers of each others right hand with the left.

    W. P.SED!F (Faith)

    W. S.YMILOS (Princes of the Preademite Pitris, or Genii, and

    an Assyrian divinity.)


    Jewel and Symbol.Triangle upon which is an eye.


    The degree paints our morals.The two columns Symbols of

    life and death. Mysterious Jewels pass from hand to hand and

    change Masters; the descent of true doctrine march of theNeophyte

    encounter with the green lionlabour of the Great WorkAl-

    legory of the fig-tree as an emblem of thetruthseeker,discovers

    a useful number.

    S.Place reciprocally the left hand on each others rightshoulder,and the right hand on each others head.

    T.Place right hand on the heart, and the left on each others

    right shoulder.

    W. P.XUL (Light)

    W. S.SUED (God)

    ~attery2 2-333-22.

    Jewel and Symbol.On a circular plate, seven tents2, 3, 2.


  • 8/11/2019 John Yarker - Rite of Memphis



    The most ancient of all Symbols, the 7 Stars of Ursa Majors

    annual revolution round the Mystery Sun, a talisman(swastika),

    the seven Ristus and their consorts in the Pleides, oneunfaithful.

    The Columns fallscene changcsflaming star shows the

    route the adept should take. Downfall of the travellerpassageof

    the obscure vaultCandlestick of 7 branches which gives lightto

    all the world, its influence acts unceasingly on nature andman

    new calculation of numbersuse and virtue of the mapped signs

    of the Zodiac, and their spiritual influence invention of theCom-


    5.Incline head, place right index on brow.

    T.With both hands seize each others shoulders.

    W: P.OREPS. (Hope). S. W.OLIGIV (Watch).


    Jewel and SymbolA Heptagon with a star at each angle.


    The degree teaches mudi of nature,the purified man reading

    from a mysteriousbook. The Sun rises, the dooropens, theNeophyte

    is surrounded, with flames. Allegories which represent thehighest


    Emblem of disordered love,chamber of punishment,altar

    ofSacrifice,fury of the elements,the producer and destroyerof

    forms,necessary combat,new apparition of a Celestial Guide,

    Secrets of Medicine.5.Make a hasty step and then., recoil.

    T.With right hand tap thrice the hilt of the Sword.

    W. P.AITNATSNOC (Constancy)

    W. 5.ETATILEDIF (Fidelity)

    Battery.2 2-1

    Jewel and Symbol.On a triangle, are three interlacedcircles.


  • 8/11/2019 John Yarker - Rite of Memphis



    As this degree has a full ceremonial it may be used as abreak

    ~vhere to confer the lower degrees from the 340 to this byname



    Sublime Dai (Knocks 1)Sage 1st Mystagogue assure yourself

    that we are covered from the indescretions of the profane.

    Ceryce Inoh 7777777 which is anrwered.

    1st Myst.The bounds of the temple are deserted, its echoesare

    silent, none can overhear us.

    Sublime Dai.Arise to order. (done) Sage Ceryce. overrun the

    Tribunes and assure yourself that all are members of thisdegree.

    He demandrP. W. and reports.

    S. 0.Sage 1st Myst., at what hour do we open?

    1st Myst.At the dawn of day, 5. 0.

    S. 0.Why?

    1st Myst.For the instruction of our Brothers.

    S. D.What are the first duties of S. of P.

    1st Myst.Benevolence towards the men, our Brothers, justicetoall, to combat the vices which dishonor humanity and to havebut

    one thought, that of being upright and the propagation ofLight

    and Truth.

    S.D.May God give us strength for this mission: He is Truth,

    teach then the Truth.

    AII.We promise it. (extending hand).

    S. D.Sage 2nd Myst., What hour is it?

    2nd Myst.The hour to begin our labours, 5. 0.S. 0.Since it isthe hour to begin our labours, let us Invoke T.S.

    A.O.T.U. to bless and prosper our work

    S. D.(De.rcends to the centre facing East, the 2 My.rt.place

    themselves on each side. An antique Vase burns sacred p61-.


    Sovereign God wl~o reigns alone, All Powerful Jehovah,

    Father of Nature, Source of Light, Supreme law of theUniverse,


  • 8/11/2019 John Yarker - Rite of Memphis


    receive, 0! My God, the homage of our love, our admirationand

    our worship. We prostrate ourselves before the eternal law ofthy

    Wisdom; direct our labours, enlighten them with thy light,dissi-

    pate the darkness which veils Truth from our eyes, that wemay

    learn something of the wisdom by which thou governest theworld

    in order that we may become more worthy of Thee, That we may

    be able to celebrate in endless hymns the universal harmonywhich

    Thy presence impresses on all nature.Adonai,AdonaiAdonai.

    S. D. mounts the Dais, the Officers take their places, hegives

    the battery and says,

    S. D.To the glory of T. S. A. 0. T. U. I place the laboursin


    The Sage Hierostotista reads the Minutes.


    The Hydramos retires to prepare the Candidate. He places in

    his hand the Golden Branch. The Symbol of Initiation, andKnocks

    at door.

    Hierocerysc.(Guardian opens thie door, throws over the headof

    the C~4ndidate a Crape

    Veil and conducts

    him to

    the place


    S. D.They have doubtless told you that to be receivedamongst

    us it is necessary to speak with all the eloquence of theheart,

    of all those things which raise the spirit and enlighten theSoul;

    in order to separate the true from the false, and to be justin

    judgment and above all in morals. Will you tell me theprinci-

    pIes of the natural law.

    Reply.They are the general truths upon which we caneffedivelycomprehend the wilt of the S.A.O.T.U. by a just andreasonable

    application of these laws. -.

    S. D.It is human nature that we must consult for therecognition

    of general truths. What is the first Cause?

    ReplyThe first cause is that which depends upon no other,there-

    fore the S.A.O.T.U.

    S.D.Arid the second cause?


  • 8/11/2019 John Yarker - Rite of Memphis


    ReplyThe second cause is that which depends upon the first,such

    as all created causes.

    S. 0.And the immediate and mediate cause?

    Reply.The bn;neaiate cause is that which produces its effect byanaction, and the mediate is th.it which has produced theimmediate.

    S. 0.And the physical and moral cause?

    Reply.The physical cause is that which contains thesufficient

    reason of a being by its own act; it is the efficient causeconsidered

    in another point of view. The moral cause is that whichinfluences

    a being by a law, council, or example. These questions areex-

    tended upon providence, chance, goodness, etc (See also the

    English Lectures of a Chapter, Senate and CounciP)

    S. 0.Sage Odos speech is accorded you upon the history ofIniti-


    Odos.About the 95th Olypiade, an Epoptae or perfect seer,went

    the length of the Nile to study Theosophy and demand therevela-

    tion of the Mysteries.

    After having overrun the Thebiad, that classic land of the

    fine arts he presented himself in the Pronaos of the Templeof

    Memphis, in the hope of obtaining initiation. I-fe struck the7

    Mystic blows, and the Ceryce, ~ifteradmitting him to theenclosure,

    presented his right hand in sign offraternal amity, for he hadmade

    the usual Salutation.

    After a serious examination entranceto the temple wasaccorded

    him, and the S. Dai addressed him with severe questions uponhis

    past life, and unrolled before him mildly alt his actions. TheVis-

    ages of the Sages, assembled in the Sacred Temple exhibitednothing

    of sympathy, evoked by a career full ofardent researches inscience

    and in virtue.

    Upon a sign madeby the S.D. all the Illustrious Sages,grouped

    themselves to form a triangle with the Master at the Summit.After

    some minutes deliberation the triangle opened at its base toform

    but a right angle.


  • 8/11/2019 John Yarker - Rite of Memphis


    Thy demand is accorded, said the S. Dai, thou hastundertaken

    a long and painful journcy. Forget not that mVi in obtaininglife,

    bears within himself a passion which ought one day to dominatehis

    soul. If thy reason directs all thy passions by love, or thesentiment

    of tenderness, of piety, of benevolence, of generosity, ofhumanity,thy dominant passion will become sensibly reasonable. Ifthou

    knowest the dignity of thy nature thou wilt raise thyselftowards its

    author, if thou knowest love, then thou wilt love the first ofBeings;

    thou wilt love thyself, thou wilt love thy country, humanity,man-

    kind, and love will be thy passion. Forget not that triumph overthe

    passions is the union ofwisdom and virtue with Justice andliberty.

    The Sage Ceryce will accompany thee; to know it is necessaryto

    learn, to learn it is necessary to labour.Seek and thou wiltfind,Go, and may the Spirit of God watch over thee.

    A masked door opened to the right, the candidate followed

    the Ceryce; it gave access to a vast vault, lighted, by a singlelamp

    suspended from the centre of the hall. The walls were somuch

    affected that they seemed to threaten ruin in every part. Butsup-

    ported by the arm of the Ceryce he sowly descended by anincline,

    into the bowels of the earth; all was performed in obscurity;but a

    strong voice said to him:Arrest thee Learn to know thyselfandform thyself for God,

    such is the natural law. Presume not to unveil divinity; theproper

    study of mankind is man; he is placed in a species ofisthmus,

    being of a mixed state, obscurely able, grossly great with muchof

    understanding for sceptical doubt, and much of Feebleness forthe

    proud stoic. He is, as it were, suspended between two ideas, inthe

    uncertainty whether to act or to do nothing; of being a god ora

    brute, whether

    to give

    preference to the

    body or

    to the

    spirit. Hereasons but to wander, and such is that reason, thathe errs equally

    by thinking too much, or thinking,too little; a chaos of reasonsand

    of passions, all is confused, continually abused, or disabused,by

    himself; in part created to rise, and in part to fall; Master ofall

    things, sole judge of truth, and endlessly precipitating himselfinto

    error; the glory, the plaything, the enigma of the world. Go,surpris-

    ing creature. Mount to where science carries thee, measure theearth,


  • 8/11/2019 John Yarker - Rite of Memphis


    weigh the air, rule the waves, instruct the planets in thecourse they

    should take; correct the old time and guide the Sun; raisethyself

    even to the first ~f beings, to the first perfect. Go, and teacheternal

    wisdom how it should govern, then return into thyself andwhat

    wilt thou find,nothing,

    After these words a panel of the wall glided away before

    him and gave passage to a vast ground where an hundredodori-

    ferous flowers rejoiced the sight and smell.

    Music, afar off, reached their ears. Their march is thenarrested

    by a lake of great extent, but shallow, which theytraversed.

    Arrived upon the further bank the candidate finds himselfbe-

    fore a splendid monument. Tts Portico is of marble of Paros,where

    they arrive by 21 steps of red granite, resplendent with therays of

    the setting Sun, and indicating to the Neophyte the terminationof

    his journey. The marvellous architecture struck him withastonish-

    ment. ft had a circle of Crypts which had to be overrunbefore

    arrival at the only entrance; they formed a labyrinth ofinextricable

    crypts where the Neophyte would have wandered a couple ofdays

    and nights without finding the entrance had he not been led byhisguide.

    He entered, with courage the first crypt but after retracinghis

    steps several times, he arrived by observation and perseverenceat a

    Vestibule, above which was written,GdIe of ihe dead. As soonas

    he had freed this Asylum a Tepisyte went to his aid andpresented

    him with the Golden Branch, the Symbol of Initiation, andthrew

    over his head a blacktransparent veil, and conducted him into atem-

    ple where were seated 21 Patriarchs, clothed in black tunics.Theplace was covered with hieroglyphics, and painted in livelycolours,

    and all the signs of the Zodiac were represented; in the midstof

    this Sanctuary was a triangular pyramid surmounted by theSun,

    and below it a small richly decorated Altar, upon which laid abook

    bound in red leather. This the Ceryce opened and caused theNeo-

    phyte to write his name, his prenames, and qualities. Hardlywas

    this done when one of the Patriarchs addressed him thus:


  • 8/11/2019 John Yarker - Rite of Memphis


    Learn that the Universall Cause acts with one aim, but itacts

    by different laws; let this great truth be alway~ present to thymem-

    ory. Consider the world in which thou art placed, examinethat

    chain of love which gathers and unites all below as well as onhigh;

    see how fruitful nature labours with that end, one atom drawingto

    another, and that which is drawn in drawing another, figuresthe

    embracement of its neighbour.

    Behold nature, varied in a thousand forms, pressing towards

    a common centre for the general good.

    Dost thou believe that God Jabours only for thy good, thy

    leisure, thy ornament, and thy nourishment? Is that a cause togive

    thyself airs and, graces! Is it for thee the birds sing? No, joyexcitestheir song Is it for thee that the nightingale utters itsmelodious

    accents? No, it is for love. Is it for thee only that harvestcovers

    the earth? No, the birds claim their grain. Is it for thee only,that

    the corn shows a fertile year? No, the ox merits his art forhis

    labour. See then that all nature partakes of Gods care.

    Sucli is the grand harmony of the world from which union has

    birth the general order and concert ofall things. It is thusthat the

    S.A.O.T.U. and of nature that self love and social love shallmakebut one.

    Thus, my Brother, work, without ceasing, to acquire the ne-

    cessary knowledge, in order to be able to ameliorate thehuman

    species, and to inaugurate that happiness which exists onlywith


    S. DIf thou wilt persevere, thou wilt learn amongst us theAm-

    momgue (Mysteries ofAntiquity) and the Hytopadessa, the most

    ancient book in the world, the repository ofwisdom. Wiltthoucontinue thy journey?

    Neophyte.That is my desire.

    &ryce.(Presents a globe round which is twined a serftent,sus-

    tamed by two often wings, and the President says.)

    S. D.Look!

    Reply.I comprehend by this that you give to the earth adouble


  • 8/11/2019 John Yarker - Rite of Memphis


    movement, conformable to the laws of nature, and thecalcula-

    tion of reason.

    S. D.Light thou thy torch before darkness arrives. Pardpnothers

    everything, thyself nothing. Rejoice thou in what is just,combatiniquity. Suffer without complaint. Be good, for goodnessen-

    chains all hearts.

    Ceryce (Ta~es the hand of the Neophyte and retires u,ithhim.

    They march for a long time without a word. Then they reach

    sycamore tree, respecting which there is a touching traditionof

    the Coptr who ie7?erate it even .to thhday. The Ceryce rairesthe

    veil which covers theNeophytes eyes.) The night is upon us.

    It is necessary to descend a narrow way bounded on one sidebyrocks, and on the other by forests. (Then thunder is hedrdata

    distance. With tremblingsdefts theyarrive at a vault).

    Ceryce (says)Hast thou courage to pursue this journey?

    Neophyte. I have. (They cont,1nue their m.arch in profoundob-

    scurity, and arrive at a place ~nvironedwith mountains,under

    shades of olivewood. Lightening rapidly tracesa lozenge offire.

    Thewind becomes impetuous. After an hours march they arrive

    at a groilto which is closed by dfl iron door. Near ft a manof

    venerableappearance, tall instature, theheavensbrilliant andth~e

    moon shining beautifully.

    Ceryce.Behold this man, he has been a benefactor tohumanity;

    he is here to teach virtue; thou canst interrogate him. TheNeo-

    phyte went towards him, he was Zoroaster, and said,

    Z.If in doubt whether an action is good or bad abstain from

    it; ever march in the way of Justice.

    (After saluting the Sage they advanced to the iron door,itopened and then closed with such force that the body of theNeo-

    phyte was shaken; he looked and the Ceryce had disappeared.After

    a vain search he marched by chance, sometimes he seemed tosee

    his guide supported against an obelisk, he looked but found onlya

    mutilated statue. Then he perceived at some distance abrilliant

    light towards which he went with caution, until he foundhimself

    on a platform with 3 persons who surrounded him. One placed


  • 8/11/2019 John Yarker - Rite of Memphis


    himself at his right, he is half invested in a white tunic and,holds

    in his hand a mirror, in the left a branch of7 the Lotus flower,a

    Sun emblem; the leaves open Jo the rays of the Sun at risingand

    close on its disappearance below the horizon; its flowercovered

    with a species af down see,ns to ~nista~ethe radidne disc ofthat

    planet ~theEgyptians consecrated this plant to the God ofday).

    The Neophyte recognizes a figure of Truth, the 2nd is vested

    in a tunic of emerald green, and wears a collar of sevenbrilliant

    stars; in his hand he holds an anchor of gold, and thetraveller

    murmurs I-lope. The 3rd man remains9 steps behind, and isbarely

    visible, and is more a light condensed vapour than a realbeing.

    The neophyte sees in it an emblem of human life. They allmarch

    for a while in silence. Then

    Hope (says)Courage, my child, there is hospitality andhappi-


    Truth (says)Look on this mirror, it reflects thy past, seekinthat hope for the future.7

    They arrive at an edifice which bars passage, and1-lopeknocks

    at the door with his anchor of Gold and to the surprise ofthe

    Neophyte it opens and leaves a free passage, to a vast halloverwhich are the wordsAssylum of the Dead. Here are two long

    ranges of coffins and mummies against the wall on each side.In

    the middle are several tombs arranged triangularly. He isdisposed

    to leave by another door when the black robed, says to thewhite

    one Read these Words!

    Neophyte readsVanity ofvanities, all is Vanity.

    DemandAnd why this, all is but Vanity?

    NeophyteIt is that our heart is too great for small thingswhichare not intended to fill it. It is because God who has formedthis

    heart has formed it for himself, and has imprinted thereinthe

    necessity of finding happiness alone in him.

    Ceryce.Let us descend, in spirit, under the sacred vaultswhich

    these tombs cover, and seek there the pompous cortege which

    accompanies the happy of this world, by the sombre shade ofa

    sepulchral lamp; let us admire the sad monuments of theirpast


  • 8/11/2019 John Yarker - Rite of Memphis


    grandeur, or seized with a religious fervor, and in profound

    silence behold all their past grandeur annihilated and reducedto

    dust. Let us evoke their shades and they will say to us,In-

    struct thyself by our example, behold these cinders, all thatre-

    mains here below of those who have preceded thee, in abrilliant

    career of honours and worldly pomp~. When we slept in thefullcareer of sweet security in the bosom of glory and pleasures,

    all at once death terminated for us the dream of life; weawoke,

    and what a sad awakening! Read these fastideousinscriptions,

    these epitaphs of names and titles in teaching thee what wehave

    been, we say to thee still more strongly, that all which passesis

    but vanity. Amongst these inscriptions thine own one day,per-

    haps soon, thy own will be found, and if thou had not joinedtosuch vain eulogiums that of constant virtue and solid pietywhatwill be announced to the world? That there is but on eartha

    feeble mortal less, and in the bosom of death anotherreprobate!

    Forget not that nothing is real but the good which we do,and

    of which we can wait the recompense in future ages. Continue

    thy voyage, learn to die well, and may the Eternal enlightenthee

    with his living and pure light; it will dissipate all the charmsof

    thy passions, and all the illusions of thy pride, and thouwiltknow Truth.

    Truth passes first, and Hope conducts the Neophyte but soon

    disappears, and Human Life vanishes like a shade. After along

    voyage the Neophyte led by Truth arrives at a splendidPortico.

    The Levites, dressed in tunics of bordered linen, come to aidhim

    to free an Abysse of which he cannot measure the depth.Encour-

    aged by Truth he throws himself on the Mystic ladder, ittrembles

    under the weight of his body. Here some young Patriarchs comeandplace upon his lips some drops of a strengthening liquor, and

    introduce him into the temple.

    This temple is resplendent with light, and richly decorated.

    Three brilliant suns inflame the East; all is golden. Incenserises

    in light clouds, undukiting to the top of the vault. At eachside

    are ranks of warriors armed with glaives, and heads coveredwith

    mitres of Egypt.


  • 8/11/2019 John Yarker - Rite of Memphis


    S. D.(Who is seated upon an ivory throne awaits theRecipiendre,

    conducted by the Ceryce, and invests him ~vith a borderedlinen

    robe says) This Robe is the emblem of that purity which thou

    ought always to preserve; the Companions of thy voyage have

    accomplished their mission. Go place the symbol of thyInitia-

    tion on the Altar. (Doesso). Swear never to reveal thatwhich

    we confide to thee.

    NeophyteI swear it.

    Then the bottom ofthe templeopens and 21 Patriarchs descend

    a large gallery in marble of Paros. The Levites advance inproces-

    sion, to the new Initiate. The standard is unrolled before him,a

    sweet melody is heard. Then:

    S. D.Since thou hast resisted the proofs, come receive thenew

    life which has been prepared for thee. (Raising the sacred

    knife). I proclaim thee a Sage of the Pyramids, and will in-

    struct thee in our secrets of recognition. Learn that all menare

    equal, and that Justice is based upon the great law ofreciprocity.

    Sage Ceryce, conduct the N. to his destined place.HoffOmphet,

    watch and be pure.

    Ceryce cause the Neophyte to advance. (Does so). Haveyou wellunderstood the proof, which our predecessors, the Initi-

    ates of Egypt had to submit to obtain Initiation ?

    InitiateYes, S. D., and I will swear never to stray, fromthe

    straight line which will conduct me to the perfect point ofthe


    The Ceryce presents a cup.

    S. D.This cup is the symbol of life, drink and forget thypast,

    think only of the future. Give to thy body, to thy heart, andto

    thy Spirit, all the strength, .and the greatness of perfectionof

    which thou art capable. Form thyself for God, for thycountry,

    for humanity of which thou art part; in one word formthyself

    for good.

    Sage Ceryce, I pray you, conduct the Neophyte to the Altar

    to take the 0. B. To order.


  • 8/11/2019 John Yarker - Rite of Memphis


    All arrange themselves before the Altar in a triangle insuch

    sort that the S. D. is at the Apex and the two Mystagogues atthe

    base. The Neophyte has his right hand upon his heart, andhis

    left upon the V. S. L.

    1,A. 13., in presence of the S.A.O.T.U., of this August

    Assembly, and upon the Sacred Book of the Law, swearfidelity

    to our venerated Institution. I promise to be submissive tothe

    laws of my country, and to practise all the virtues. I promiseto

    be compassionate, affable, generous, and constant, a worthyspouse,

    good father, tender son, respectful and submissive. Ipromise

    to deliver myself to all good works, and to labor constantlyto

    carry truth, justice, and peace to all hearts. I promise topropa-

    gate science, and the sweet morality that our Rite professesand

    to exact no more from Neophytes who desire admission amongst

    us than probity and gentleness.

    S. D.(Placing the point of his sword on his head). To theglory

    of T.S.A.O.T.U., and in the name of the Grand Hierophant I

    create and constitute you a Sage of the Pyramids. Go inpeace

    and may the spirit of God ever watch over yOu.


    S. D.To the glory of the S.A.O.T.U., and in the name of the

    Grand Hieropliant, Sublime Master of Light, I proclaim forthe

    present and for always, memberof the Grand ConsistoryofSages

    of the Pyramids, Thrice Ill. A. B., and request you torecognise

    him in that capacity, and aid and protect him.

    Join me Ill. Bros. in felicitating ourselves on the happy

    acquisition we have this day made. To me. (All give sign and



    S.D.(Strikes 1) Arise to order. Sage Mystagogue, at whathour

    should we suspend. our labours?

    I Mys.When the sun is in the West.

    S. D.It is time to suspend our labours.


  • 8/11/2019 John Yarker - Rite of Memphis


    I Mys.Yes, Sublime Dai.

    S. D. Sage Ized, (Messenger) Come receive a Mission. Ized

    does so, and S. D. whispers in his ear, Sige et Alcthe(Silence

    and virtue), the Ized does the same with 1 and 2 Mys. andlights

    the Incense.

    S. D.~Since it is the hour to suspend our Iabours, join withme,

    my Bros., in that proceeding.

    He descends and all the Officers place themselves as at the


    S. D.Father of the Universe, eternal source of light andtruth,

    full of recognitions of thy infinite goodness, we offer theea

    hundred thanks for all the goodness granted to us, of theusefuland glorious in this journey. Continue, merciful father, topro-

    tect our labours, and to direct us in the way of perfection,and

    grant that harmony, concord and union may be ever the triple

    cement which unites us. Glory to thee, Lord; Glory to Thy

    Name; Glory to Thy Works.

    The Sublime Dai takes his place, also the Officers.

    S. D.(Strikes 7777777. Each Myst, repeats it). To the glory

    of the S.A.O.T.U., in the name of the G. H. the labours aresus-pended. Retire in peace, my Bros., and may the Spirit ofGod,

    ever watch over us.

    S. of OrderRaise right index finger to heaven. (It indicatesthe


    S. of RecognitionPlace thumb of left hand on breast to form


    T.Grasp each other by the two first fingers and give 3shakes.

    AnswerExtend 3 fingers, last two in palm.

    W. P.EGIS. W. S.EHTELA. Battery 7777777.

    Jewel and SymbolSquare medals on which is a Masons Square,

    from the angle issues a serpent.

    N. B.

    The Ancient Arabs believed the Pyramids were Antediluvian,

    and that one is the grave of Seth. On the other hand themore


  • 8/11/2019 John Yarker - Rite of Memphis


    modern Koreish teach that Abraham instructed the Egyptians inthe

    building of Pyr~imids, and that Abraham, Issaque, andIshmael

    built Mecca.

    The Rite ofMcmphis in Egypt says that Kleiber, andNapoleonreceived Investiture with a ring at the hand of an EgyptianSage,

    at the great Pyramid.


    The Mysteries of Samothrace were Cabirian, and are supposed

    to be Phoenician in origin; as they claimed to trace back tothe

    first ages. They were religious, when we hear of them in

    Christian times; but they claimed to have been the Inventorsof

    the Arts and Sciences, and all useful Knowledge. Their great

    Mystery was the death of one of their 7 Gods who wasattacked

    by two others, between 2 Corinthian pillars, slain and, hismembers

    carried to Etritria. Their Rites were performed in the caveZerein-

    thus or Saon, where stood a large Pyramid with an enclosedcentral

    chamber where the most important part of the ceremony wascele-

    brated -

    It is said that the Candidate was purified by water andblood.

    As he had to begin a new life he was led to the fountainLethe

    where he drank forgetfulness, and then to that of Mnemosynethat

    he might remember what he learnt. He was thrust into a dark

    cavern, ami(l appalling sounds, the roar of water, and titerage

    of the elements. Grim and ghastly phantoms show themselves,

    funeral objects in which a dead body rises at the feet of theCandi-

    date. To this succeeded light, the coflined dead spring to lifewith

    paeans of victory.

    Marconis instruction for the Conferences that the degreeillus-

    trates the sources and vile desires of Man. Nine perfectcolumns

    are formed by peeling away the bad portions. The Neophytereads

    some useful inscriptions which are explained by a search forthe

    true basis of the great work.

    S.Place right hand on the heart and say Faith.


  • 8/11/2019 John Yarker - Rite of Memphis


    T.Join right hands and balance 9 times.

    W. P.CIRIBAC (Cabiric 7 Gods)

    W. S.KYDAS (The Just, father of the Cabin).


    Jewel and SymbolThe Square and Compasses, interlaced with an

    even balance.


    The Mythalogical legend is that the Cabiric Promethius stole

    the fire ofheaven to help mankind, and was chained onCaucasus.

    There is a ladder of 7 steps. The allegory elucidates theerrors

    and vain efforts of ignorance, fanaticism, and superstition,whichfall under the blows of the Just. Balm necessary for theAspirant

    new departure of the Celestial guide, represented under thefigure

    of a child. Aspirant beholds the seven gates and knocks;futile


    5.Raise eyes to Heaven and say Hope.

    T.Gnip arms mutually advance length of the arm, and pressthere-

    on 7 times.

    W. P.EGIS. (Silence) EJ-ITELA. (Truth)W. S.TISIS. (The ChaldeanEnoch).

    Battery333 - 4444

    Jewel and SymbolA ladder of 7 steps and above it a star.


    The degree is a recapitulation of Hermetic Masonthe new

    Initiate shows his mantle, reduced to tinder and afterwardsre-

    turned to him. Penetrates a chemical laboratory, but is notad-

    mitted to practise the Art, utitil after some expiationproofof

    blood insufficient. Paints the enthusiastic follies of falseAdepts,

    whose work is of avarice.

    Allegory of the Palm of the Valley of Oddy, the Mystic rose

    of Kab; the two generative principles; the tower of Ugolin;the

    plant Moly. whose three roots were black, the five leaves green,and


  • 8/11/2019 John Yarker - Rite of Memphis


    the flowers whitea symbol of the Universal medicine, the red

    tincture which can prolong life. Consult Virgil, Homer,Nicholas,

    Flammel, Cagliostros Egyptian Masonry, etc.) Spirit of thedogma,


    S.Join right and left hands, as if walking together.

    T.Jointly, right hand on forehead, bow the head, place lefthand

    on breast. (It implies intelligence, humility, fidelity).

    W. P.The Same as last 3 degrees).

    W. S.NOUOMA. (Be discreet).

    Battery333-55 555-4444.

    Jewel and SymbolA palm tree.


    In the pre-1800 degree the work was thus: In the centre ofthe

    Room a chafing dish, and a brazier full of fire. On the table,or

    floor, various symbols, and amongst them a Phoenix,surrounded

    by a serpent with its tail in its mouth.

    There is an O.B. of Secrecy, and the Master says: Thisbrazier

    is intended to teach you that fire (of course the Logoic fire,or

    Serpent fire) is the principle of all things, and the greatagent of

    nature, and imparts action to all bodies. From this agentman

    receives life, with the power of thinking.~

    This Serpent, forming a circle, is an emblem ofeternity,which

    is without either beginning or end. It has the propertyofrenewing

    its skin, and, thus figures the destruction and renewal ofnature,

    which appears to weaken and even perish at certain epochs;but

    which only grows old to renew its youth, and prepare itselffor

    new revolutions.

    The Phoenix is a still more natural exposition of thesucces-

    sion and the perpetuation of this principle in nature.Mythology

    has represented the bird as reviving from its own ashes,emblemising

    how all things earthly will continue to be reborn fromitself.

    To this may be added that it symbolised the cycle of theStar

    Sirius or Sothis of 1461 years. Marconis summarizesit~.L~Confer~


  • 8/11/2019 John Yarker - Rite of Memphis


    ences thus: Study of Natureproperties ofT thingsKnowledge

    of created beingsScience of Astronomy.

    S.Represent examination, as if through telescope.

    T.Join left hands, and point to Serius, or Sothis, withright

    index finger.

    W. P.(As last).

    W. S.XINEOHP. (Symbol ofSothis)

    Batteryi-2 2-666666-1

    Jewel and SymbolA triangle on which is a Phoenix.


    This really is the Bard, or Bards, of the 340 Marconisrec-ommends for its ConferencesSearch for Truth,the unique

    aim of Social life,!essons of wisdom from all thecirc*mstances

    of life,book of Proverbs. The mythology of Scandinavia hadaprimitive source with those of India; and they teach in occultassem-

    blies the powers of the various Mantras and rythms.Pythagoras

    Music of the Spheres, is of this nature.

    S.Takea book and appear to be reading.

    T.Each take hold of a side of the book.W. P.(The same as thelast degrees).

    W. 5.REDLAB. (A Norse Sun God).


    Jewel and SymbolOn a triangle, a book.


    Marconis Notes for the Conferences, are on the Perfection-mentof Man,Search for truthlove of Justice; and the practise

    of all the virtues. These may be greatly extended; the Greek

    Theurgists had great veneration for him, and many hymns ofhis

    are preserved, and indicate a magical knowledge of theSpiritual

    Forces to which they are addressed. The Mysteries of Eleusiswere

    founded on his System, and dedicated to Ceres andProserpine.

    S.Cros~ arms below stomach, and stand as if musing.


  • 8/11/2019 John Yarker - Rite of Memphis


    T.Touch each others left side with right hand.

    W. P.(Same as lastdegrees).

    W. S.SUEHPRO. (Founder of Greek Mysteries).

    Battery7777777Jewel and SymbolA Key crossed with a wand.


    The grade is a School of Wisdom which treats on theSublime

    aim of the Great Work, viz; the rehabilation of man in divineper-

    ception. We can study the 7 musical tones, the 7 colors, the7

    vowels, and the Seven headed Serpent to each of its heads avowelwas consecrated; all are symbols of the Ancients.

    After Cabiric, or Pelasgic Greece, was desolated by Aryan

    conquests, Egypt interested itself in the restoration of Greeceand

    sent Orpheus, then Cadmus, who was of Phoenician descent. He

    erected Thebes in Boetia and the Citadel retained the nameof

    Kadmia until late times.

    Mythology, in a myth of which we must seek the meaning says

    that he killed, a Dragon, and having sowed its teeth, a hostofarmed men sprang up, who fought with each other until fiveonly

    remained to help to build the City. The legend says that hehad

    five children by his wife Hermonia, the daughter of Ares and

    Aphrodite, whom the God Zeus (Latin Deus) gave him.

    He is said in his old age to have fled to Illyria, and hehas

    been credited with the introduction of the Greek Alphabet towhich

    additions were made at a later period. His era is about 1500B.C.

    S.Cross arms, let fall to the side, repeat twice.

    T.Take each others right and left hand, and loose them three


    W. P.(Same as last degrees).

    W. S.SUMDAC. (A hierophant in Greece)

    BatteryI -22.

    Jewel & SymbolA triangle upon which is a heart inflames.


  • 8/11/2019 John Yarker - Rite of Memphis



    Development of the true Secret; derivation of all thingsfrom

    one Almighty Spirit; progressive steps of creation from themineral

    to the vegetable, and thence to animal lifethe elementssoftenstones and minerals, these feed the plants, then to animalsand

    men. Key to all allegoriesspirit and matterGod in nature

    Knowledge of the property of plants from the Cedar ofLebanon,

    to the lowly hyssopsublimity ofmoral.

    5.Touch forehead, and sayTo thee belongeth; left shoulder,

    and say Glory; right shoulder, 1ower; stomach, Wisdom;

    heart, ~The Kingdom~.

    T.Right hand on each others heart, look upwards.

    W. P.(Same as previous).

    W. S.HTANEHPAS (Spiritual Temple)


    Jewel and SymbolA Sun upon which is the double triangles.


    Instruction in natural and spiritual science. How worlds arein

    process of formation; how suns disappear whilst others arenewlyborn, and how globes are in a state of incandescence for ages.The

    Night and Day of Brahm, or his Inbreathing and hisOutbreathing,

    or Awakening.

    How organic life begins at the lowest step of the ladder and

    progresses, in untold ages, through the mineral, vegetable,and

    animal kingdom, and is crowned by the birth of humanity. The

    Lunar race, and the Solar races. I have translated thefollowing

    from the Conference on Indian doctrine. It represents, thatofReason, and Reply of Divine Wisdom.

    R.O! Sublime first born of God, we say that thou hastcreated

    the world, thy child Reason asks how all was produced.

    D. W.My child, deceive not thy self, think not that I have

    created the world independently of the first mover: God hath

    made all things, I am but the instrument of his will, Hecalls

    upon me to execute his eternal designs.


  • 8/11/2019 John Yarker - Rite of Memphis


    R.How must I think of God?

(PDF) John Yarker - Rite of Memphis - DOKUMEN.TIPS (2024)


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